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Airport Lounge Guide

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The global pandemic, Covid-19 caused all the travellers unable to travel again especially leisure travellers and frequent travellers. Now, I want to share my experience when I travel during the pandemic and how I use the airport lounge for eating, showering and many more before continuing my next journey.

My destination is London Heathrow International Airport and departure from Singapore Changi Airport. I am taking Singapore Airline – Economy Class. Before you book your flight, please visit the website to find out their flight schedule as they have a limited flight at this moment.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport Lounge Guide

I bought a 2-visits pass of Plaza Premium Lounge Gift Card at a discount rate of USD47 (U.P USD98). This is a good deal as it allows me to use up to 140 locations worldwide.

“Plaza Premium Lounge is an award-winning independent airport lounge opens to all travellers”

I checked-in Plaza Premium Lounge at Singapore Changi Airport, simply present my gift card confirmation upon check-in and the lounge service is valid for 3 hours. I ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice and it tastes really good. It is their signature dish in the lounge. The lounge looks a bit quiet as not many travellers right now.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport Lounge Guide

I have arrived at London Heathrow International Airport, Arrivals Hall at Terminal 4. It is still early so I checked in Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow Arrivals T4. I wanted to take a hot shower after the long flight and have some foods before I take the tube.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport Lounge Guide

This airport lounge looks pretty cosy and classic with the high top bar counter and the environment makes you feel like home. I love this airport lounge because I can enjoy my airport shower inside the lounge. One thing you need to take note as this arrival airport lounge provides you shower the only option. So, if you think you need a shower only, you can just book the shower service at USD18.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport Lounge Guide

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport Lounge Guide

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport Lounge Guide


Due to the lockdown, Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow Arrivals Terminal 4 is temporarily closed but you can use their departures lounge at terminal 2. For more information about the lounge opening hours, you can refer to their travel updates.

I think the airport lounge is an essential service right now because you may want to avoid the airport crowds and perhaps limited food options in the airport and you want to get your work done or have a shower in the airport. Travel during Covid-19 is not easy but I hope you find these tips is helpful for your next journey.

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