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Airport lounge is a safe haven for all travelers during pandemic.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I was travelling from Singapore Changi Airport to London Heathrow International Airport last year. I personally think the airport lounge is pretty crucial during the Covid-19 period.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport lounge

Why the airport lounge is very important especially during pandemic? I find it very important as most of the restaurants or cafe are temporary closing and I have limited food choices to opt for. I prebook Plaza Premium Lounge 2 days ago prior my flight. If you are unfamiliar with Plaza Premium Lounge, this is an independent airport lounge where passengers can book the lounge services min 3 hours via online booking.

Plaza Premium Lounge, Airport lounge

The airport lounge plays an important role during the pandemic because I still can enjoy my preflight relaxation, get my work done and avoid the airport crowds. So, I find the airport lounge is a safer place for me to hide in a corner while waiting for my flight.

“Pre-book your airport lounge via online and Plaza Premium Lounge is the only lounge provides online booking”

Unlike other lounges, I like this lounge as they provide contactless food ordering, safe distancing and quality services. Bear in mind, we still need to put on the mask at all time.


The airport lounge consider a safer place for me when I travel especially during the pandemic. The reason is pretty simple, the lounge is not crowded as usual but I still can enjoy my pre-flight relaxation, get my work done and enjoy delicious food before takeoff. I am not taking business class but I like Plaza Premium Lounge as they offer 3 or 5 hours lounge service.

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