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Airport Lounge Review: Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge

The Sakura Lounge is Japan Airlines’ signature business lounge at Narita Airport. As a Business Class travellers on Japan Airlines, I had access to the Japan Airlines Sakura Airport Lounge at Narita Airport, which is located on Level 3 of the main building (there is also another airport lounge in the Satellite Building).

Airport Lounge Review: Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge


Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge is located directly opposite passport controls, the entrance to the Sakura Lounge is easily located, look out for the sleek signage while the Japan Airlines Sakura First Class Lounge shares the same entrance and reception.

Lounge Service

Some of the locations are providing pay-per-use lounge so even you are not flying with Japan Airlines Business Class, you can pay for the lounge service.

Airport Lounge Review: Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge

The pay-per-use lounge service limited to some airports and the lounges there. Here's the summary:

  • The service varies depending on the location of the lounge.

  • Entering lounge is accepted from 3 hours before your flight departure.

  • Considering the congestion of the lounges, the number of applicable flights is limited.

  • For the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, please be noted that the service has been limited. (As of now, Honolulu Sakura Lounge only provides snacks, soft drinks, a bottle of water, and hot green tea.)

In Honolulu, pay-per-use lounge at USD40 for 3 hours while in Bangkok, it is USD35. In addition, do note that this pay-per-use lounge is for JAL international tickets (Ticket numbers starting with 131) and JAL international flights operated by JAL (regular flights) and departing from Honolulu, Bangkok.

How to Access?

Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge opens from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm every day, the airport lounge is accessible for passengers travelling in business class on JAL and Oneworld Sapphire members. On top of that, if you are a Japan Airlines Mileage Bank members with Sapphire, Premier, and Diamond status are allowed in.

In my opinion, there's much natural light at Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge and how the seats are mostly located near the windows for travellers to take in the runway views and sights. Any aviation geek would be excited to be here since there are plenty of photography opportunities throughout the airport lounge.

I actually like your Japanese Curry Rice, the curry was delicious and I ordered again, to fulfill my craving.

In addition, this airport lounge designs is pretty simple, Japanese style where they used a lot wooden furniture, beige colour or those woody kind furniture. So, you might find yourself in a calm place instead.

My Final Thoughts

If I given a choice, I won't pay for this airport lounge but if a complimentary lounge access, I will go for it. This airport lounge is pretty simple and nothing luxurious at all. Perhaps, this is how a Japan Airlines Lounge should be.

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