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Amsterdam Travel Guide 2021

If you ask me what season is the most cost-effective to travel to Europe, I will definitely say: It's spring! Having said that, there are two reasons: First, spring in Europe is not the most prosperous season for tourism. Air tickets to and from Europe, and the direct flights are around S$4000, which is very cost-effective; in addition, Europe in spring has already bid farewell to the cold of winter.

If you have a vacation in March-May and you like natural scenery, then Europe is the most suitable destination. In Europe in spring, I especially recommend the Dutch free travel with tulips in full bloom. In this article,

Where is Holland?

Holland or Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg are located in western Europe, bordered by Germany to the east, France to the south, and Norway and the United Kingdom across the sea to the north and west. Because of historical reasons, this area is a real sense of the collision and integration of the Germanic civilization in northern Europe and the Latin civilization in the south. The food, culture, and society are more diverse. If you travel here, you can both shop and enjoy the difference. National cuisine, those who are interested in European history and culture, can also feel the urban civilization here, visit various historical sites and museums.

There are two major airports in this area is Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport in the Netherlands and Brussels International Airport in Belgium. Among them, from Singapore, you can fly directly to Brussels, Belgium by Singapore Airlines, or you can take KLM directly to Amsterdam.

Must Go Places


If there is a fairy tale world in this world, it must be in Giethoorn in the Netherlands. The large and small rivers crisscross and are called the "Venice of the Netherlands". Giethoorn definitely lives up to its reputation.

Best time to visit Giethoorn

The best season to visit Giethoorn is the late spring and early summer and summer, that is, May-August. The sun is shining and spring is blooming.

Cruise ship in Giethoorn

The self-driving small cruise ship does not start operations until 10 o'clock. There are many different charter shops on the main street (see the yellow box in the previous route map), so you can bargain.

Tips: If the bee arrives after 9 o'clock in the morning and intends to stay in Giethoorn, you can cruise first, write down the beautiful places, and then go for a good walk. Because the boat is also the most convenient means of transportation in Giethoorn.


Visiting Amsterdam is pretty easy as Amsterdam has extensive public transportation and offers travellers bicycles, metros, buses, ferries, and trains to help you get around the city and beyond. Getting around Amsterdam is also very cheap, just a Euro or two per ride, so you have lots of choices.

Bicycle: Most locals will use bikes to get around. There are a lot of bicycles, so be prepared for lots of bike traffic, but you can easily rent one (for about $10-12 Euros) for your time there. I guess this is very good transportation as you can see the lesser car and most of the residents are using bicycle.

Tips: As a pedestrian, cyclists have the right of way– so watch out!

Walking: Most places you’ll want to visit in Amsterdam are relatively close together. Obviously a bus or metro will get you around much quicker though. Is quite similar to Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Room Mate Aitana is a modern boutique hotel offers excellent service and amenities. It’s right near Amsterdam’s Central station and all the main attractions you’ll want to explore are walkable! I highly recommend you stay here!

Room Mate Aitana is a design hotel located on an artificial island in the IJ River in Amsterdam, a 14-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Having said that, your room is facing the River. This is so cool!

All rooms feature flat-screen satellite TV, a mini-bar, and a safety deposit box. The large windows enable views of Amsterdam. The bathroom is fitted with a hairdryer and shower or bathtub. Complimentary toiletries are provided as well.

On top of that, Hotel Guests can enjoy the breakfast buffet until 12:00, while breakfast in the room can also be arranged. There is a lounge bar and a restaurant decorated in cosmopolitan style. In addition, Room Mate Aitana includes a business area and a fitness center. Besides, at the hotel’s concierge desk services included babysitting, concierge, bicycle and car rental as well. Sounds good right?

Place To Visit

Canal Tour

Amsterdam is a city tied to the water – it grew around its canals and the taming of the Amstel River. The canals of Amsterdam are incredibly amazing, beautiful, and there’s nothing like seeing the city from a boat.

Skip the big canal boat tours you see around the city — they’re overpriced. You can often hire a private boat tour for about 20 Euros an hour (look for guides around the Red Light District). Besides, you can also take the open-air open boat tour. Moreover, the boats are small, the tours more intimate, and your captain will give you a good personalized tour.

On top of that, the tours will last about 1 hour and it leaves from Damrak Pier 6, Central Station East, Leidseplein, and Rijksmuseum. Prices start from 19.50 euros.

The Hours Time

Overall, Amsterdam is a great place for relax and chill. If you love to enjoy beautiful city, you should visit here.

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