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Asia's Leading Digital Assets Exchange - Tokenize Xchange ($TKX)

Updated: Sep 13

Looking for a cryptocurrency exchange? This Singaporean Digital Assets Exchange is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in Asia.

What Is Tokenize Xchange ($TKX)?

Launched in 2018, Tokenize Xchange ($TKX) is a Singapore-based Digital Assets Exchange (DAX) that offers convenient trading of a variety of cryptocurrencies with either SGD or USD. Its robust online platform and mobile app cater to traders of all experience levels, facilitating smooth and secure trading 24/7.

In June 2019, Tokenize Malaysia was awarded a Recognized Market Operator (RMO) license to operate by the Securities Commission (SC) and its platform, Tokenize Xchange, went live on 1 April 2020.

As of February 2022, it holds over 200,000 investors’ accounts and even offers the opportunity for clients to earn monthly interest on their digital assets through its Crypto Earn programme.

What fiat and cryptocurrencies are supported?

Customers can purchase digital assets with both the Singapore dollar (SGD) and US dollar (USD) on Tokenize Xchange.

  • Supported fiat currencies: SGD

  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Approximately 89 cryptocurrencies

Which payment methods are accepted?

Tokenize supports common payment methods, including Xfers, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. Available methods depend on the currency you are transferring and will be shown to you on the deposits page once you select your currency.

Why Choose Tokenize Xchange ($TKX)

One important reason to choose Tokenize Xchange is that the platform offers to buy and sell digital currency at the most competitive price. Moreover, safety is the primary aspect of this platform because it uses Know Your Customer to avoid anti-money laundering activities. You can even use Singapore Dollars for your Spot Trading.

Tokenize Xchange Membership & Fees

One thing about Tokenize Xchange is they have a membership tier where traders can enjoy the lowest trading fees and daily limit transactions up to $200,000.

Top Notch of Security

The platform offers top-north security for trading activity for investors. IP allows listing & 2-factor authentication gives extra protection. Additionally, a hybrid wallet mechanism & multi-signature strategy provide the guarantee to register.

  • IP Safelisting

This security feature helps in controlling and limiting access to the platform only to registered users. This ensures there is no access by unauthorized third parties on the platform.

  • Multi-Sign Authorization

The multi-sign authorization will provide traders extra security of cryptocurrency funds. This is to ensure their digital wallets are safe.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

Like the above two, the 2FA ensures no unauthorized third party will access the platform. The 2FA assists in securing sensitive data like deposits, withdrawal,depositing-in details.

Insurance Protection

The Tokenize Xchange platform offers clients holding crypto assets $100 million. This is the most critical and significant service provided by the platform. In addition, it acts as the safety net for clients looking for investment in case there is any cyberattack on the platform. Under this insurance coverage, Tokenize Xchange clients’ funds are secured.

Optimized Trading

Tokenize Xchange platform offers easy-to-buy and selling prices for trading purposes. Moreover, you can limit buying and selling of orders. Under the part of optimized trading, you can queue your orders until they are filled.


Tokenize Xchange is the only Singapore-based exchange that has its own coin - Tokenize Emblem (TKX). As of September 2022, the price is $6.07 on Coingecko, the Market Cap is $484,647,091, the Fully Diluted Valuation is $605,839,155 and Circulating Supply is 79,996,000.

Crypto Earn Programme

Tokenize Xchange Crypto Earn is an interest-bearing programme that offers users the opportunity to build wealth by staking their cryptocurrencies for at least 30 days, with up to 12% APY.

This means that instead of simply holding your crypto on exchanges or wallets, clients can opt to safely deposit their digital assets in a separate Tokenize Xchange Crypto Earn account to accrue monthly interest, which will be in the form of the tokens staked.

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