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Best Celine Paris Parfum

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In 2019, Celine Paris launched its first-ever "Haute Parfumerie" collection. There are 11 fragrances that were inspired by memories from creative director Hedi Slimane's journal and curated under his artistic direction. Here's the Best 4 Parfum you should own.

Celine Black Tie

I would say that Celine's approach to a high perfumery collection reflects the state of risk aversion that today's perfumery lives on. Everything seems to have been chosen from so much that has already been confirmed as profitable or consolidated in the market: the experience of the creative director comes from Dior, the bottles immediately refer to Chanel, the minimalist style seems to be borrowed from Prada.

It is a type of perfumery that appears to be created from the bottle to the perfume by means of algorithms. In some cases, there is a touch of originality that breaks this (Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, Eau de Californie) and in others, the feeling of deja-vu and more of the same is high (Parade).

Black Tie tends much more to deja-vu than originality and is a perfume that leaves me divided. The idea of a silhouette that plays with gender limits and incorporates androgynous elements and male tailoring is interesting, and the end result could have been bold. The problem is that the perfume chooses an easy direction when proposing vanilla with powdery nuances and touches of iris, cedar, and moss.

Celine Parade

The Celine Parade is the collection's bet on citrus fragrances with a musk background and the powdery aspect of the signature. The idea here is to capture a sober and chic look, with a parade of neroli, bergamot, musk, and moss. It is precisely what is delivered: the composition opens with a very refreshing bergamot aroma, evolves to a clean and luminous floral aspect of neroli, and soon gains a woody touch of vetiver. Oakmoss is very discreet, serving only to add a humid and slightly earthy touch. Musk dominates the composition and gives it a clean aura. There is a slight powdery aspect that surrounds the idea as if there is an undeclared use of iris in the composition.

Celine Parade makes sense within an exclusive collection aimed at a specific audience but for the world of perfumery as a whole is just another medium of aromatic citrus. It is not the most expensive at 190 euros a bottle but it is also not the cheapest. It delivers what it promises and it doesn't disappoint but it doesn't thrill either.

Celine Nightclubbing


While Jazz club opens with a sweet and boozy Lemon/rum combination, Nightclubbing opens with a smooth and classy tobacco/whisky type of smell. While the rum note in a Jazz club is sweet, syrupy, and at times distracting, the boozy note in Nightclubbing is a much smoother and refined scent, it is much less obtrusive and provides a level of class not felt in a Jazz club.

Despite there being no mention of tobacco in the notes, the smell of cigarettes or cigars is very prominent throughout the life of this scent. Honestly, I have never smelt any note like it before but the best way to describe it is the fleeting scent left on your clothes when you interact with a smoker. While that may not sound nice, it definitely smells wonderful.

Dry down

On my skin, the Jazz club maintains the syrupy/boozy note throughout its lifespan. Although many people say that a tobacco note unveils after a couple of hours of wear, it’s nowhere to be found for me. Personally, I find it quite a linear scent that doesn’t develop any further. With all that said though, I still love the scent.

Nightclubbing on the other hand definitely transforms throughout its lifespan. For the first few hours, you get very strong nicotine and booze but eventually, it dies down a little bit and the Vanilla, musk, and Oakmoss begin to show themselves. During this stage of the scent, I wouldn’t even dream of comparing Jazz club to Nightclubbing. If you enjoy this dry down but hate the cigarette and booze up the top then it’s definitely worth checking Black Tie. I think black tie takes the elements of the dry down and expands upon them in a very nice way (both scents are still amazing though).


While personally, I wouldn’t compare the two fragrances, if I had to sum it up in one sentence. The jazz club is the playful younger brother to Nightclubbing, which is the classier, more refined sibling. As someone before me mentioned, what you’d smell from a chain smoker at the bar of a nightclub is captured in this bottle.

Celine Reptile

This is a pleasant, gentle leathery musk. A close enough relative of Chanel Cuir de Russie in that it’s a lady’s leather, softly animalic and more like human skin than a saddle or a handbag. I prefer the Chanel for its vintage vibes and floral touches but this is a nice, modern nude fragrance. The name I guess is an attempt to give it an edge. Nothing cold-hearted or reptilian here.

The Hours Time

Overall, Celine perfume Slightly sweet, musky peppery scent with the soft leather accent. Great for the office, and daytime use. Leans more masculine to my taste.

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