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Best Escargot in London

Escargot is served as an appetizer in Spain & France. I have had tried much escargot when I was travelling in London. Here's the best escargot in London you should try!

La Petite Maison

If you are craving for a good Escargot, you must visit La Petite Maison. Nice environment and less crowd and a stylish atmosphere, this is the place. And seriously you have to try the Escargot it is one of the best.

It’s now an international brand, but correspondents say London’s iteration of this Nice-inspired restaurant is superior for its light, fresh dishes. With a well-established buzz and a pale, clean-lined dining room splashed with colors of the Med, La Petite Maison “always feels special”. LPM is now available in Hong Kong, Dubai, Miami, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh.


L'Escargot. A tasty French cuisine has done well in London. It rare to go into a London restaurant that has such traditional decor but it is nice to be reminded of those old-school vibes. The food is classically French but slightly dull and not heaps of choice, hence the lower rating. The escargot is delicious though, and it's rare to find that on a menu nowadays. Wine is very well priced and the service is good.

Chez Elles

Amazing food & great atmosphere. A rare find hidden away between all the curry houses. The escargot & confit de canard with thym fumant (smoked thyme) are both absolutely divine, a must-try.

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