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Best Fish And Chips In London

Fish and chips are a must-try when you visit London, as evidenced by the fact that more than 250 million fish and chips meals are sold in the UK every year. But where can you find the best fish and chips in London? In this post, I’ve teamed up with some other hungry travel blogger friends of mine to share with you our favorite places to visit for London fish and chips.

Whatever kind of day you’ve had, it’s hard to beat the feel-good factor of crisp battered fish and hot chips drenched in salt and vinegar. Throw in a saveloy and some curry sauce and you’ve got the ultimate mood-boosting meal, whether you eat it on a sunny beach or in the car in the pouring rain.

You can find this iconic dish all over London in gastropubs, seafood restaurants, and old-school chippies. Here’s where to find London’s best fish and chips.


Founded by born and bred Eastender Pat ‘Pop’ Newland, inspired by his first job in a chippy cutting up copies of The Daily Mirror to wrap fish and chips in, Poppie’s is filled with retro memorabilia from Pop’s childhood. But this 1950’s style chippy has far more to offer than just homely gimmicks! Don’t let its tourist attraction reputation put you off either. Fat fillets of flaky fish enclosed by crunchy batter and surrounded by fluffy yet flavoursome chips is most likely to blame for its popularity. And nothing ever tastes as good as something out of a newspaper. That’s a fact.

Best Fish And Chips In London

North Sea Fish, King’s Cross

Another traditional chip shop, serving up the ever-classic battered cod or haddock, as well as a few fancier options such as rock eel, Dover sole, sea bass and rainbow trout. Everything is served with refillable chips (an obvious selling point), homemade Tartare sauce and Heinz (important) tomato ketchup. Their fish can either be fried in a typical crispy batter, or in an egg matzo meal.

Best Fish And Chips In London

Toff’s, Muswell Hill

‘A posh chippie!?’ you might ask. Well, what may initially appear as a dangerous oxymoron in fact turns out to be London’s award-winning fish and chip shop, Toff’s. And we can see why! There’s nothing particularly fancy about it – just crunchy, grease-free batter, fresh fish and fluffy fries. Exactly the way it should be.

Best Fish And Chips In London

Kerbisher & Malt

Kerbisher & Malt pride themselves on being a modern British chip shop with fresh, sustainable grub. They double fry their chips so as to keep them crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and their fish is as good as can be. They even brew their own beer: the almighty Kerbisher Pale Ale. This one’s definitely worth a try.

Best Fish And Chips In London

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