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Blood - The Period Company

Updated: Apr 13

Blood (previously known as pslove) is a consumer product start-up on a mission to end “period slavery” – the times when you feel like a slave to your period and it completely overcomes you.

Image from Blood

Periods are menstruation for every woman and how to overcome it? You need a Tampon to relieve. Blood has invented a heat patch for menstrual cramp relief and sold over 1 million.

In addition, this startup company also invented a blood menstrual cup kit.

Blood Cup Kit is your menstrual cup and made of soft 100% medical-grade silicone, and it collects menstrual blood while sitting snugly in your vagina. When inserted correctly, a suction seal is formed between the cup and your vaginal walls. It won't budge and you won't even notice it's there.

Image from Blood

"Periods are deeply personal"

About The Co-founder

Peck Ying aims to make women's lives easier—any time of the month. The femtech startup she co-founded, Pslove, which recently rebranded to Blood, provides natural healing advice and solutions for problem periods.

Taking everything I knew about biomedical science, I teamed up with Caleb, a self-taught product engineer. Together we delved into years of research and design. And after multiple iterations and feedback from customers who'd love for us to succeed, we finally launched our game-changing pain relief that is drug-free, effective, and uniquely designed for women.

But we believe there's still much to discover in the realm of period care. And in our quest for better periods and better days, we're taking on periods like never before. So join us as we unravel all the possibilities that lie ahead for women everywhere - the journey has just begun.


If you would like to try out their blood cup kit or buy the menstrual crap relief heat patch, head over to their e-commerce store and order it.

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