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Book an Airport Meet & Assist during Covid-19 period

Updated: Jan 9

Airport Meet & Assist has been known for years but the recent pandemic forced us to leverage this service inevitably.

Due to Covid-19, the demand for airport meet & greet has been increasing. Everyone required a smooth airport journey whether is departures, transit or arrival especially in the unfamiliar places. The airport meet and assistance is very useful for elderly, senior citizens or person with reduced mobility. Imagine you need an assistance or someone to help you carry heavy luggage, find the right departures gate.

There are a few market players in the industry or we can check with airlines if they can provide the services such as Fast Track, Porter Service or Buggy Transfer. This is very crucial especially you are travelling with young children or elderly. I came across this service by ALLWAYS provides a seamless airport experience for all travellers. This provider provides different packages for frequent travellers such as Silver or Gold depends your needs.

During Covid-19 period, you probably want to avoid the airport crowds and minimize the interactions. I personally like the Fast Track service where help me to reduce the waiting time in the immigration and avoid the long queue.

“Airport Meet & Greet service gives us a seamless airport journey experience”

Often, the airport meet & greet service consider a luxury or VIP service for travelers but because of the coronavirus, I don't think is a privilege for the rich.


If I travel during the pandemic, I will book the airport meet & assist service because it gives me seamless airport journey and peace of mind. Imagine when you travel alone with luggage and in an international airport and you definitely feels the panic and anxiety.

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