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The rise of Buy Now, Pay Later concept.

Updated: Jan 15

Thanks for Covid-19, the buy now and pay later concept is emerging rapidly last year. This idea came from Atome, a regional buy now, pay later brand and spreads payment over time with 0% interest.

Atome is a leading "buy now, pay later" brand that splits consumers' bills into three equal, zero interest payments over time. Pronounced as "A-To-Me", short for "Available to Me", Atome partners over 2,000 online and offline retailers across key verticals such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and homeware in offering their consumers choice, flexibility and convenience in how they choose to shop and pay. Our service is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Greater China.

“Time To Own It”

Buy now, pay later — as the name implies — allows shoppers to make a purchase without forking over the cash at the time of purchase.

With the ability to increase impulse buys and drive additional ecommerce sales, it’s no wonder BNPL is the next big payment trend in the online retail world.

If you’re reading this and asking yourself, “What is the point of buy now, pay later when I already offer credit card payments?” you’re not alone. The BNPL model does indeed offer some striking similarities to credit cards.

With credit cards, buyers can also make a purchase and pay it off over time — but the purchasing psychology behind BNPL offers are perks with which credit cards can’t compete. One case study found that average order values increased by 33% solely due to the addition of a buy now, pay later option.


As the world of e-commerce continues to grow and change, it’s not surprising that payment methods are included in this. Digital wallets have been on the rise for years, but the trends haven’t stopped there; today, more customers favor buy now, pay later than ever before.

Whether ‘Buy now pay later’ (BNPL) will affect your shopper’s credit score depends on the terms and conditions of the service that you offer them. Their credit score can be affected if the financing solution pulls their credit information in order to make a decision on whether to approve the loan application.

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