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City To Visit After COVID-19

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

2020 was a disaster for everyone especially those frequent travellers, blogger, influencer, leisure, business and backpackers. Based on our survey, here are the top 5 Cities you should visit after COVID-19.


Singapore is a small tiny island located in Southeast Asia and is suitable to visit all round year from January – December. This is an amazing city and named Garden City as every development must include plant life, in the form of green roofs, cascading vertical garden and verdant walls. Not to mention, Singapore is a multicultural society and you get to try different types of food from local Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan, Eurasian and many more. Not to forget, the best Hainanese Chicken Rice, Kaya Toast, Bak Kut Teh, Chilli Crab, Laksa and many more awaits you!

city to visit after COVID-19


Paris is the most romantic city in the world and thanks to “Emily in Paris”, this brings us back to Paris again. Paris not just a romantic city but also a city full of fashion and luxury label from Hermes, Chanel to Dior. It is a shopping paradise for everyone, especially during the Paris Fashion Week. If this is not something you want, perhaps you can explore Paris most indulgence pastry and dessert or you probably want to try the most authentic escargot in Paris.

city to visit after COVID-19


If Singapore and Paris are out of your travel budget, how about consider Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is considering low cost yet you still can enjoy the local street food and market place. At the same time, enjoy the Thai massage, spa and pamper yourself in the 5 Star hotels without spending too much. Not only that, you still can explore the famous Chatuchak Market or visit the 4 face Buddha in Bangkok city.

city to visit after COVID-19


Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is a city full of mystery. This is where you can explore ancient Egyptian mummy’s wrapping were coated with tar or resin. For those first time visit Cairo, you must visit the Pyramids of Giza as the entrance fees range from USD2 to USD10 only. Most of the local tour agency offers to pick up from your accommodation and bring you, guide you to the Pyramid. Not to mention, you must try the authentic Egyptian food such as Kushari, Ful Medames, Mahshi, Falafel and Schwarma. These are the top food you should try when you travel to Cairo.

city to visit after COVID-19


Budapest is the capital and most populous city of Hungary. For those travel photographer, you must visit Budapest as is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. The dramatic skyline that Budapest is most famous for is peppered with 19th-century architectural wonders alongside the Danube River. Notable landmarks include the majestic riverside Parliament Building and a collection of stunning basilicas. For foodies or food lovers, you must try National Hungarian Dishes such as Goulash, Fisherman’s soup Halászlé, Főzelék, Somlói Galuska and many more.

city to visit after COVID-19


Well, which is your favourite city and the top city you must visit after COVID-19? Because of COVID-19 and disrupted our travel plans in 2020 and hopefully, we can travel again in 2021 or 2022 to explore the city you want.

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