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Crypto Exchange Kraken Roll Out NFT Marketplace

Crypto Exchange Kraken Roll Out NFT Marketplace

Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken is launching its own non-fungible token (NFT) platform in the coming months. As of Tuesday morning, customers can sign up to join its waitlist.

The platform will provide unique offerings, most notably subsidizing Ethereum (ETH-USD) transaction costs — such as gas fees, the cost of paying for transactions on Ethereum, and other proof-of-stake blockchains, according to the exchange's chief operating officer, David Ripley. It would also hold customer assets in custody.

“Depending on how you measure it, cryptocurrencies went from seeing modest adoption to something that is a multi-billion dollar industry,” Ripley told Yahoo Finance. “We see over the next five to 10 years, the same type of trajectory and total market size could come to fruition for NFTs, so we are viewing this as a massive opportunity with a massive potential market.”

Enjoy zero gas fees for trades on Kraken NFT

Once your NFT is custodied with Kraken NFT, you will not pay any blockchain network fees for trading activity that takes place within our platform. This helps you build your dream collection with near-instant transfer speeds and the peace of mind that spikes in network activity will not impact the cost of your purchases and trades.

Track the rarity scores of your NFTs

Many NFT collections have billions of potential combinations of traits and attributes that make each token unique. Kraken NFT comes with built-in tools that help you understand how rare certain characteristics of an NFT are as compared to other NFTs within the same collection.

Rarity scores help quantify the traits and attributes that make every NFT unique so you can make more informed decisions.

Pay with cash or crypto in your Kraken account

Kraken NFT offers you unparalleled flexibility while buying and selling NFTs. As a Kraken NFT client, you will enjoy seamless integration with your Kraken account to execute transactions easily. Sellers can list NFTs in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, CHF, AUD or any of the 120+ cryptocurrencies we support, and buyers can bid on NFTs using any of these currencies as well.

Collect NFTs across multiple blockchains

Kraken NFT allows you to curate your NFT collection across multiple blockchain networks within a single interface. Whether you are looking to grab the latest collection on Solana or a classic NFT on Ethereum, Kraken NFT lets you manage all of your holdings from one place.

Kraken NFT will include these two networks at launch and we can’t wait to share the many other blockchains we plan to activate.

Protect your NFTs with industry-leading security

Kraken NFT runs on the same industry-leading security infrastructure – continuously fine-tuned since 2011 – that protects your cryptoassets. Now it protects your Ethereum- and Solana-based NFTs too.

Reward NFT creators with their cut from each resale

Kraken NFT deeply values the creators behind each of the collections on our platform. That is why Kraken NFT will offer Creator Earnings, a way to reward the artists and innovators driving the NFT space forward by paying them a portion of each secondary market sale price of the NFTs they created.


Are you ready for Kraken NFT Marketplace?

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