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Emirates First Class Lounge T3 Concourse C Dubai International Airport

My last experience with Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai International Airport was 2019. This is pre-covid 19 period.

Lounge Details: Concourse C was opened in 2000 and was originally part of Terminal 1, however, since 2016 it has served as Emirates’ Terminal 3. This Emirates First Class lounge is the oldest and smallest of the three First Class lounges in Dubai. It is open 24 hours a day.

The lounge spans over two levels and offers sit-down dining, showers, self-serve alcohol stations, free wifi and a sleeping room.

Passing through the small reception area with low ceilings, you step into the lounge and your eyes are instantly drawn upwards to admire the high ceiling.

A water feature sits in the middle of the lounge lobby and enormous windows provide excellent views out to the apron, where an A380 was parked at the time of our visit.

There is a buffet on the lower level with a large selection of hot and cold dishes and a smaller buffet on the mezzanine level. Dining tables and chairs are located on both levels. I didn’t sample any of the food considering I had just woke up and it was only 4am local time.

I love Emirates First Class Lounge as it looks very stunning and the staff are very friendly. The bathroom and shower room are very clean. I really enjoyed my pre-flight relaxation before takeoff.


Overall, the Emirates Concourse C First Class lounge does not live up to the ‘First Class’ name on the sign nor the inbound Emirates First Class A380 experience. It feels more like a premium Business Class lounge. It isn’t a lounge you would actively plan to arrive at the airport super early to enjoy but a pleasant and quiet place to spend an hour or so before your flight.

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