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Fendi Café Opens in Harrods

London's most Instagrammable cup of coffee has come to Harrods courtesy of a new Fendi café.

Fendi cafe was opened in 2019 and due to Covid-19, the cafe is temporarily closed as part of the London lockdown measures. Here's an overview of this Fendi cafe I had visited in 2019.

Fendi cafe is located on the fifth floor of the iconic department store, the Fendi Caffe will be open for visitors throughout July and August, with a specially curated menu taking inspiration from Italy - the home of the famed luxury fashion house. Artist Joshua Vides has transformed the space with his signature artwork, creating a monochrome contemporary dining experience, emblazoned with the Fendi double 'FF' logo in black and white graphics.

"The most in Instagrammable place in London."

The result is likely to be seen all over your Instagram feeds throughout the summer, thanks to 'FF' branded walls, tables, menus, plates and crockery. You can even order a Fendi logo coffee, bag-shaped biscuits or a double 'FF' cake.

I have tried the food, coffee and pastries especially the croissant. I must say the food meets my expectations and pretty yummy! I hope Fendi cafe is able to reopen again and if you can travel to London again, do visit Fendi cafe!

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