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Flash Coffee - Coffee Chain Tech Startup

Updated: Apr 13

Flash Coffee is a high tech-enabled coffee chain operating in Indonesia, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Flash Coffee is a Southeast Asian tech-enabled chain of coffeehouses founded in 2019 with investment from Rocket Internet and Flash Ventures. Flash Coffee offers affordable coffee curated by award-winning latte art champions. In 2020, Flash Coffee operates seven outlets in Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok.

flash coffee

Flash Coffee is the first coffee startup to branch out of Indonesia. Its menu resembles another Indonesian coffee startup such as Kopi Kenangan with palm sugar coffee latte and avocado latte.

So how to order the coffee? Download the app and make your order thru the app and head down to the nearest branch to collect your coffee. This is so much seamless and easier than head to Starbucks coffee and queuing. Also, you can complete the challenge by ordering the coffee and earn the points and redeem the coffee.

flash coffee


If you are a coffee lover, will you give it a try? I personally love their Melaka Latte and Nutella Latte. So, download the Flash Coffee app now and head down to the nearest branch to collect your coffee.

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