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FTX Starts Gaming Unit to Promote Crypto Adoption

Crypto Exchange FTX is starting a new gaming unit aimed at encouraging game publishers to embrace cryptocurrencies, according to a Bloomberg report on Monday.

FTX Starts Gaming Unit to Promote Crypto Adoption

FTX Gaming will offer a "crypto-as-a-service" platform, which will allow gaming companies to launch tokens and offer support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It will operate the service through its U.S. affiliate FTX U.S.

NFTs are digital assets on a blockchain that represent ownership of virtual or physical items.

Gaming is an "exciting use case for crypto," an FTX spokesperson said via email, according to Bloomberg's report.

"There are 2 billion plus gamers in the world who have played with and collected digital items, and can now also own them."

According to DappRadar, there were 398 active blockchain games as of January 2022, up 92% from a year previously.

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