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Gucci Previews New Collab with Adidas

Gucci unveils its 2022 Fall collection, a colorful compendium of tailored suits and coats in collaboration with the German sportswear brand adida.

Alessandro Michele deploys colorful, mixed materials for Gucci’s Fall 2022 collection, adapting adidas’ branded Trefoil and Three Stripes logo as a running visual motif throughout its lineup of extravagant sartorial suits, color-blocking knitwear, latex dresses and jackets. Punchy, bright plaid, pinstripe and monogram patterns accent a handful of the suits also adapting adidas’ Three Stripes logo, which vertically runs downside the blazer and pant seams.

Michele drapes oversize coats over color-clashing ensembles with mixed materials like corduroy, chiffon, fur, and metallic overlays. Single-breasted blazers see oversize contrasting wide peak lapels with studded detailing along the structured shoulders and collars, followed by delicate lineup of sheered-out knitwear with intricate cutouts.

The collection took its name, Exquisite Gucci, from the Surrealist parlour game Cadavre Exquis, by which a collection of images or words were collectively assembled into a more compelling whole. Michele’s references come from all over, but together they couldn’t be anybody else but him.

Check out the collection above via Gucci’s home website for an in-depth video look at the Fall collection.

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