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Hermès H24 Brand New Men's Perfume

Updated: Apr 13

Hermès H24 is an Aromatic Green fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance and Hermes H24 was launched in 2021.

The opening is amazing it has that wow moment but sadly this disappears quickly to the mid which smells just like a less refined version of Beach Hut man by Amouage. This is not a bad sent by any means, although it lacks the depth of the Amouage, I did like it a lot but at the same time, I can see why a lot of reviewers on here and Youtube have already said this will be a devise scent, which is the similar press Beach Hut man received.

This is because the main body/middle of the scent has a very starchy green scent as opposed to a fresh one and to some noses, this can be off-putting as it is a fairly rich scent to the nose.

The late dry-down does have this woody flint / metallic smell and I get the steam iron analogy which is really the smell of vaporised minerals in the steam. I really liked this as it was unique but it was rather subtle.

To be fair it will need to be tested again in warmer spring weather to give it a more fair and accurate review as the heat will certainly change the notes and the performance.

I give Hermés kudos for not trying to create a mainstream blue fragrance which is no surprise as Hermés would ever do anything mainstream, at the moment it's alike for me, not love as it needs to be tested more in warmer weather but it won't be for everyone and hence won't be a mainstream crowd-pleaser but to fair, it wasn't supposed to be.

The closest thing to Hermes H24 I've ever smelled, with the same cucumbery-fruity vibe, are the bathroom amenities you can find at Shangri-La hotels, the one coming in the emerald green bottles. I think they discontinued them though - not sure, it has been a few years since I last visited.

The fragrance is extremely linear and I get the same beautiful scent for most of its longevity (which is very good: after 7-8 hours it still projects slightly on my skin); maybe slightly less green after the first two hours or so, but still definitely green. Sillage is pretty strong on my skin, and 2 spritzes is already projecting quite distinctively - I would recommend against over-spraying unless you wish to leave a chemtrail behind you.

I understand the hype around this fragrance, as it's heading in a different direction compared to the aqua trend all other designer houses have been and are still following. I think Hermes hit the nail on the head with this one and confirms it as a top-notch designer house, much more inspired than most of its peers and still willing to lead the pack. I'm seriously considering buying a bottle despite having just bought another green/marine fragrance for the summer, but this juice is really really good.


Overall, I think Hermes H24 is good to try but I still prefer the classic collection.

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