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House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

How house plants or gardening helps our wellbeing during COVID-19 lockdown? In this period of uncertainty, turning to nature and growing things — both big and small — will be hugely beneficial to our health especially mental health.

House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown

Today, we still unable to travel especially leisure travel then why not spend your quality time growing your plants and improve our mental health. During the COVID-19 period, many people lost the jobs, pay cuts and retrenched by the companies. According to the survey, house plants able to create positive vibes and improve our mood during this period.

House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown

There are only positives. It’s physical, healthy, therapeutic, hugely creative, sometimes sociable, sleep-inducing and life-affirming. It teaches me patience as well when I see my house plants growing well.

House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown

Plants offered not only bonding but recreational and educational opportunities to their human families during the lockdown. Our editor Jenny started growing tomatoes with his children – part scientific experiment, part family pastime. Jenny had to keep her toddler busy and turned the chore of watering and re-potting her plants into a fun activity.

House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown

Greentisan, an urban gardener has a passion for plants and due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Singapore, Greentisan has transformed the entire 4-room flats into an indoor jungle. In addition, Greentisan told us that by creating unique pieces of living art with an emphasis on beauty, functionality, and the ease of maintaining, Greentisan hopes to get you inspired from within. Greentisan added, having unique plants is just like a masterpiece or expensive painting in your house.

House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown

Greentisan latest collection is Wabi-Kusa. Wabi-Kusa, an inspired plant-scaping using aquatic plants. Plants are carefully planted into the moss and soil mix, allowing them to grow and thrive in various environment. They prefer a wet and humid enclosure, frequent misting and bright light. Suitable to be kept as a terrarium or semi-submerged in water.

Wabi-Kusa is a Japanese style of planting/arrangement where a selection of plants, usually semi-aquatic varieties are carefully planted in a moss or soil ball. The arrangement is allowed to grow naturally and one is to appreciate its natural beauty, along with its imperfect nature.

House Plants During COVID-19 Lockdown
Wabi -Kusa by Greentisan

Each island comes with a wooden plate (15cm diameter) as a basic base for growing, but a small glass tank or enclosed space is recommended.


Many of us are discovering our ‘green fingers’ or develop a passion for house plants during the COVID-19 lockdown. Having contact with nature improves our happiness, mental health, wellbeing and resilience in times of adversity.

Getting into the great outdoors is difficult right now but there are many ways we can reconnect with nature, even without a garden.

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