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IATA Travel Pass Guide

Updated: Apr 13

IATA Travel Pass Aims to Help You Navigate International Travel Safely, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It Before We Can Travel Again.

IATA Travel Pass Guide

In a bid to help revive international aviation, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is in the process of launching its comprehensive “COVID passport”, with the aim of allowing air travellers to provide their COVID credentials to airlines and governments in a straightforward manner, thus granting entry into their destination.

For instance, Singapore will accept the International Air Transport Association (IATA) mobile travel pass for pre-departure checks, where travellers can get clearance to fly to and enter Singapore by showing a smartphone application containing their data from accredited laboratories. The IATA travel pass was successfully tested by Singapore Airlines. More than 20 carriers, including Emirates, Qatar Airways and Malaysia Airlines, are also testing the pass.

Qatar Airways is set to be the first Middle Eastern airline to begin trialling the innovative new IATA Travel Pass from March 2021. The trial will play an important role in the airline’s vision to have a more contactless, secure and seamless travel experience for its passengers. The first phase of trials of the ‘Digital Passport’ will be rolled out on the airline’s Doha to Istanbul route, enabling passengers to receive COVID-19 test results and verify they are eligible to undertake their journey.

Malaysia Airlines and RwandAir have committed to doing trials with IATA Travel Pass. Apart from these, Air New Zealand, Qantas, airBaltic, ANA, AirSerbia, Thai Airways, Thai Smile Air, Korean Air, and those under the International Airlines Group are also trialling the app. The most recent additions to this list are Virgin Atlantic, Ethiopian Airlines, Neos and Vietjet Air.

Below is the complete guide to the IATA Travel Pass mobile application outlines the ways in which this new digital platform helps inform users of current coronavirus testing and vaccine requirements to enter a foreign country and share their certificates and results with governments and airlines alike in a safe and secure manner.

IATA Travel Pass is a mobile application that helps travellers to store and manage their verified certifications for COVID-19 tests or COVID-19 vaccines. This will be important for governments that are likely to require either verified testing or vaccination proof as a condition of international travel during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit IATA.

The IATA Travel Pass will be more secure and efficient than current paper processes used to manage health requirements (the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, for example). This will be important given the potentially enormous scale of testing or vaccine verifications that will need to be securely managed.

On top of that, the IATA Travel Pass allowing travellers to securely store verified proof of testing and vaccine against COVID-19 required to gain entry to foreign countries during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the IATA Travel Pass mobile application will also allow governments to effectively manage the amount of data associated with testing and vaccination on such a large scale.

How Does the IATA Travel Pass App Work?

The IATA Travel Pass app allows travellers to meet the COVID-19 testing and vaccine requirements of governments around the world as it:

  • Provides a global registry of health requirements and accurate and up-to-date coronavirus entry restrictions for travellers

  • Lists testing and vaccination centers worldwide and allow users to find authorized testing centers and labs compatible with the mandatory requirements for their destination

  • Acts as a Contactless Travel App by permitting users to create a ‘digital passport’, receive verified test and vaccination certificates, and share these with airlines and authorities.

To create a "personal digital passport" using the mobile app, travellers are simply required to:

  • Download the IATA Travel Pass on their mobile device and log in

  • Take a photograph of themselves using the same device

  • Take an image of two lines at the bottom of the biographical page of their passport document

  • Scan the passport chip using the app.

When will the IATA Travel Pass become available?

The first-cross border pilots program were expected to start by the end of 2020 and the iOS and Android launch is slated for Q1 2021.

The app was first used in the third week of March 2021 by an international passenger travelling from Singapore to London’s Heathrow Airport on Singapore Airlines, signifying “there is light at the end of the very long tunnel”.

However, a recent webinar hosted by IATA and Evernym suggests that the IATA Travel Pass project is being carried out at an unprecedented pace to be ready for when governments re-open borders. IATA’s head of airport, passenger and security products, Alan Murray Hayden, announced that the app is expected to be rolled out in March 2021. Hayden further elaborated that the Travel Pass will be utilized by “most of the world’s biggest airlines” come the month of March.

The Hours Time

IATA does not determine coronavirus entry restrictions for travellers. The Travel Pass simply facilities the ease with which travellers are able to meet the requirements set by foreign governments. However, what do you think about this new normal of travel? Are you excited to travel again?

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