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Le Labo Perfume Reviews

Updated: Apr 13

Le Labo is an Estée Lauder perfume brand based in New York City (NYC) and founded by Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi. The Le Labo brand of perfumes is unlike any other today. This is because it is handcrafted scents that evoke genuine emotion, Le Labo has quickly carved out an exclusive little niche for itself with more than thousands of fans that crave its authentic experience.

Le Labo believes the stylish or luxury designed bottles and packaging can be distracting people and customers from the thing that really matters which is the scent inside the bottle.

Therefore, perfumes bearing the Le Labo name come in simple glass containers with monotone packaging outside that conveys the container’s ingredients. This is how Le Labo promotes the brand by not focusing on the packaging compared with other brands such as Louis Vuitton and Penhaligons.

Now, let's look at the Le Labo scents that most people will buy.

Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

Bergamote 22, Eau de Parfum is a popular perfume by Le Labo for both women and men and was launched in 2006. The scent is citrusy-fresh or citrus woody vetiver. The amber makes the vetiver more toasty, and the musk sweetens it up. Unfortunately, the citrus dies away very quickly and the scent can last about 6 hours.

Le Labo Perfume Reviews

I personally find that the scent is pretty light, that why the scent not last. The lime peel feels juicy and bitter, the vetiver is sharp, dry and woody and the orange blossom ads a flowery sweetness that balances everything. The combination is perfect and the smell seems very natural. Towards the end of its life (which is too soon) becomes simpler, with a splash of bergamot under a bed of white clean musk. Its big problem is the low performance and, because of that, the price; otherwise the first hour is just awesome. Fragrance notes are amber, musk, grapefruit, vetiver, petitgrain, bergamot, vanilla, orange blossom and cedar.

Vetiver 46 by Le Labo

Vetiver 46 Eau de Parfum by Le Labo is a Woody fragrance for both women and men. Vetiver 46 was launched in 2006. It smells exactly like the incense section at a novelty shop. Deep sweet and mostly feminine to my nose. Spicy and handmade-soapy in the opening. A little smoky/powdery in the dry down. Sweet incense variety packs all the way through. It's like somebody did a good job of mixing up their own DIY essential oil perfume.

Le Labo Perfume Reviews

Opens up with a short citrus blast and shortly after settles down into a very nice smoky vetiver with woodsy undertones. 100% masculine. For those who prefer woody kind, and masculine, you should try Vetiver 46.

Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

Patchouli 24 by Le Labo is a Woody Chypre Eau de Parfum fragrance for both women and men. Patchouli 24 was released in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Annick Menardo. Top note is Patchouli; middle notes are Birch and Styrax; base note is Vanilla.

This does not smell like patchouli at all. This smells like a campfire in a garden and very smokey. That's it. Don't blindly buy, especially if you are hoping for real patchouli, because it is not here. When sprayed, the campfire now smells more like lighter fluid, but not as if it's a bad thing. I always liked smells such as gasoline and lighter fluid, and it's very interesting to have it in a fragrance. I feel like cade has to be a factor in this fragrance aside from birch. The fragrance seems more ethereal when sprayed, and has that smell linger for a while. As it dries, more of the vanilla and some earthy aspects of patchouli emerge.

Labdanum 18 by Le Labo

Labdanum 18 by Le Labo is an Oriental fragrance for both women and men. Labdanum 18 is a musky amber scent. It has a pleasant and very powdery, sweet aroma. Civet is noticeable in the dry down. If Ambre Sultan is the bright vibrant fizzy amber, this is on the opposite spectrum! You should wear this in colder weather with a thick fluffy fur coatLabdanum 18 was launched in 2006.

The nose behind this fragrance is Maurice Roucel. Labdanum 18 is quite a nice fragrance in its own right, but with Shalimar around, it feels like a mere understudy. Not to mention its low-to-moderate longevity and sky-high price—those certainly don’t help it win back any points from mother Shalimar. Labdanum 18 quickly simplifies down to sweet, resinous vanilla—and not a particularly long-lived one at that.


With a variety of new and different fragrances to try out, from floral to musky and from woody to spicy, Le Labo has satisfied and won over the picky Eau de Parfum customer with considerable ease. So, which 1 is your favourite scent? Do you like Le Labo? How you find it? Will you recommend it?

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