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Liquid Crypto Exchange Review

The advent of cryptocurrency has revolutionized the process of economic transactions in the domain of global finance. The commodity market has experienced a perennial influx towards virtual exchange systems which will ensure exciting times ahead for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Crypto exchanges are rapidly becoming an integral part of every crypto trader’s life, within the digital assets industry. Especially today, you cannot attempt to deal with cryptocurrency without using exchanges. It is virtually impossible.

Liquid Global Exchange happens to be one of those successful organizations which have rightly guided and served its customers through its well-developed technical infrastructure and financial knowledge. This article is an assiduous review of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Liquid. This review will provide readers with a thorough understanding of the platform’s different trading mechanisms, feasibility, and trustworthiness.


Liquid offers an excellent solution to the contemporary problems of financial traders. It began its journey in 2014, and since then, the organization has provided brilliant services in the field of cryptocurrency-fiat exchanges. The company is based out of Tokyo, Japan under its parent concern Quoine. It was granted an official license from the Japan Financial Services Agency as a virtual exchange platform in the year 2017.

Liquid as an organization focuses on creating a secure crypto environment where each and every trader and customer can enjoy the perks of safe financial transactions and great blockchain technology. Being ranked among the top ten regulated crypto platforms provides a competitive advantage not only to the organization, but also provides a strong platform for its customers to enjoy great services with optimum safety. Through its innovative interface, Liquid has been able to integrate effective features and measures which allow a great experience for its users. Liquid gives utmost attention to user satisfaction.

Key Features and Functions


Providing and keeping sustainable liquidity within the entire crypto market is Liquid exchange’s top priority, hence the name “Liquid.” Based on our views and study about Liquid exchange, we can say that Liquid is a good choice for novices and pro traders in terms of liquidity.

Apart from offering a wide range of liquidity, Liquid exchange also has a World Book that aligns and matches more trading pairs. This helps users to have proper knowledge and experience order book liquidity.

Moreover, Liquid exchange’s World Book supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with several fiat pairs. Further, one of the Liquid exchange’s long-term goals is to unite its World Book to crypto exchanges globally in the future. In doing so, Liquid exchange will gain the stance to improve liquidity.

Crypto Margin Trading

Added to all this, Liquid exchange promotes a margin trading option for everyone. Therefore, traders get the chance to trade in volatile markets. To benefit traders, Liquid provides margin trading of up to 25x leverage.

Meanwhile, Liquid exchange customers can also lend all sorts of their cryptos aside from the margin trading services. In fact, you can enjoy a lively interest anytime you lend your crypto holdings to margin traders. In essence, this looks promising, especially for hodlers.

Liquid Earn

Liquid Earn is an effective tool that helps traders and users to earn from their transactions. The primary motive of Liquid Earn is to provide income opportunities on crypto balance. Liquid Earn offers rewards on crypto transactions and provides a great platform to earn rewards on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currency exchanges.

Liquid Earn is a form of passive income given to the traders on Liquid. The organization has developed this tool as a strategy to improve the residual income of the customers on their assets and cryptocurrency. Every trader attached with Liquid has a crypto balance and the organization mobilizes this balance to provide passive income to the traders via their held stakes at Liquid. The organization has partnered with Celcius to streamline this procedure.

Fee Structure

The fee structure developed by Liquid is effective as it helps to reduce the trading prices for greater engagement with traders and customers. The trading fees are charged according to the trading volume of the user. The organization waives off trading fees against transactions happening through QASH. It also offers referral discounts for its traders which enhances its relationship with them. Liquid charges a fee of about 0.3% which is reduced on the basis of trading volumes. The platform also waives off charges for traders who trade less than $10,000 on a monthly basis.

The deposits or withdrawals are normally free, however it charges a meager fee of 0.10% on fiat transactions. Liquid also realizes the importance of charging low on cryptocurrency withdrawal. Withdrawal of bitcoin currently costs around 0.0007BTC and for Ethereum it costs around 0.01ETH. Liquid accepts different payment methods. It accepts payment via bank deposits and through credit cards, but this might be accompanied by higher charges. For detailed Liquid fee structure click here.

My Final Verdict

Liquid is a great cryptocurrency exchange software for fintech traders. It caters to every class of traders and customers, right from beginners to professionals. However, it needs to up its game in terms of trading fees and professional assistance tools. Since the race to become the most viable and compact cryptocurrency exchange platform is still on, there’s always room for improvement. It conforms to every key financial rules and regulations, which makes it a great choice.

One of the biggest advantages of Liquid is its corporate infrastructure that allows the organization to trade in a fair manner. In fact, it is one of the first to validate FIO deposits. This is indeed an excellent strategy of the organization as it would help to streamline the exchange of cryptocurrency in the best possible manner. To conclude, it is indeed a great decision to join Liquid for effective financial trading, but one must constantly review their choices before investing.

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