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Luxury Content Creator - Sophie Shohet

Sophie Shohet is a UK based content creator, blogger and professional digital marketer, with over 8 years of experience working in the marketing sector, in some of London & Surrey’s top 100 Agencies.

She’s the founder & editor of fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog – SophieShohet.com, as well as the creator and owner of Luxe Lashes by Sophie Shohet, and social marketing company, Glam Style Limited.

Photo Taken From Sophie Shohet Instagram Account

Founded in 2012, SophieShohet.com is currently viewed in over 120 countries worldwide, by women (and some gents!) of varying ages.

At its core, SophieShohet.com is designed to be enjoyable escapism for shopping and lifestyle inspiration. The aim; to expose and inspire audiences to see, experience and desire products & services from both luxury brands and niche, quirky, less known brands alike.

In 2015 Sophie was signed to YouTube as a Partner, and now produces video content between her office in Surrey and the YouTube Space in London.

Since Sophie Shohet launched her YouTube channel, she has more than 300k subscribers on her channel. As I into luxury, I'm her YouTube channel subscriber as well. Her favourite topics are Luxury, Supercars and Personal Development. If you have not watched her video about Supercars like Bentley or Ferrari, you must watch the video!

Photo Taken from Sophie Shohet Instagram Account

If you are Dior lovers, you should watch Sophie Shohet unboxing the brand and get some professional advice from her. Sometimes, Sophie also unboxing other brands from her shopping spree. On top of that, Sophie also shares some beauty tips through her YouTube channel and read out her YouTube subscribers letter.

For your information, Sophie will release her YouTube video every Wednesday and Sunday. Do check out her latest video!

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