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Maison Christian Dior's Perfumes Review

Dior has created some iconic fragrances over the years but have you heard about the brand's luxury perfume line called Maison Christian Dior? Now with 21 exclusive creations from famed perfumer François Demachy, the range offers everything from light and fresh florals to rich and spicy orientals. I've got a review of a few spring and summer florals to share with to today.

Maison Christian Dior's Perfumes Review

Dior | Maison Christian Dior Jasmin Des Anges Eau de Parfum

All Maison Christian Dior fragrances are housed in cylindrical bottles made of sturdy, clear glass. A simple embossed label is affixed to the front and the lacquered black cap snaps shut with a snazzy magnetic closure. The packaging is nothing extraordinary but it does feel classy and elegant. Jasmin Des Anges (which translates to Jasmine of the Angels) is one of the five "floral" scents within the Maison Christian Dior lineup. With notes of late summer jasmine balanced with mouth-watering candied apricots, the fragrance is a surprisingly light and refreshing sweet floral with a strong fruity presence.

The scent profile is interesting in that the jasmine is the first thing that hits my nose. However, it mellows quickly, giving way to a soft, playful combination of apricot and musk. Just when I felt let down by the lack of jasmine, the note makes a strong return about half an hour later. The sillage and wear are decent for a light floral. Overall, this is a no-brainer crowd-pleaser for the spring and summer time. If you like a fruity floral or are looking for an easy but luxurious fragrance gift, Jasmin Des Anges is a safe bet.

Maison Christian Dior's Perfumes Review

Dior | Maison Christian Dior Sakura Eau de Parfum

Inspired by François Demachy's memories of Japan, Sakura is one of the six "light floral" scents. Opening on a clean and fresh green accord, Sakura features prominent but delicate notes of cherry blossom, rose, mimosa, and wisteria. I've never been to Japan and have never even smelled cherry blossoms but something about this fragrance feels so serene and beautiful that I almost feel like I'm swept right into the world of a Miyazaki film. Whether or not you have a special penchant for cherry blossoms or the Japanese culture, this scent is a must-try!

Maison Christian Dior's Perfumes Review

Dior | Maison Christian Dior Thé Cachemire Eau de Parfum

Another scent from the "light floral" family, Thé Cachemire (Cashmere Tea) is composed of white tea, rose, and yerba mate tea. I've not tried many tea-scented fragrances before so I really didn't know what I expected.

However, Thé Cachemire is just divine! The clean but strong notes of white tea and mate are perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the rose. There's something so zen and pristine with the scent that I honestly can't convey with words. This is hands down my favorite out of the three and it makes for a classy and unique fragrance for both genders. If you get the chance, definitely test it out at your nearest Dior counter that carries the Maison Christian Dior range!

Have you tried any fragrances from Maison Christian Dior? Which of these three scents is calling your name?

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