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New MINI Cooper Countryman

Updated: Jan 13

Chinese New Year is approaching and are you deciding to change a new car this year? Perhaps you can consider Mini Cooper. I love MINI because the style and design can last you more than 10 years. MINI is the iconic brand in UK for more than a decade.

The highly versatile MINI Countryman seats five is more comfortable than ever and designed to handle everything your journey throws at you. From trekking downtown or cruising up in the mountains, its powerful engines make it all effortless. Drive life to the fullest, in the largest, roomiest, most adventure-ready MINI.

The car bot is up to 1,390 boot space and is easy to open. Just use your feet. Thanks to the Comfort Access and Easy Opener function, in conjunction with the automatic tailgate operation, you can open the rear hatch door of your MINI Countryman with a quick, directed wave of the foot under the rear bumper.

“MINI is more than just a car”

Electrically Adjustable Seats

The electrically adjustable seats can be individually modified and offer comfortable lumbar support to ensure outstanding seating comfort so you arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed. What’s more, you can save two different individual configurations with the optional memory function. You enjoy a healthy orthopaedic seating posture and reduce strain on your back muscles – making it an especially valuable feature on long journeys.

The 7-speed Stephtronic

The 7-speed Steptronic automatic transmission makes shifting gears exceptionally dynamic. It uses a precision-tuned electronic gear shifting system that offers you a seamless transition between gears. The selector lever allows you to opt for manual-shift when you want it, or the automatic mode at other times. The Start/Stop function makes driving more economical too, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Premium Leather Seats

Inside the MINI Countryman, comfort comes first as the interior offers an outstanding range of materials, top grain soft leather seats, and a sense of wellbeing. Now even the roughest terrain is an exercise in comfort and style.


MINI car owners always portrait as a fun-loving person. The MINI exteriors allowed you to choose or change any colours that you like and with different side mirrors design. I must say MINI is not a typical car but is a lifestyle car. Now, MINI is offering a contactless test drive, so book your test drive now with them.

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