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Small Habits, Big Changes, Your Body and Soul

Updated: Apr 6

Like many people the world at the moment can seem quite a difficult place. We’ve had to continue with our lives whilst undergoing massive change in almost every other area, but there are small things we can do to try and improve our day to day. From small starts and new habits, big changes can grow.

Move more

Move more. We are all often sitting at desks all day long, find that time before work to put on your trainers and go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air. If not before work, use that lunch hour, an hour is plenty of time to enjoy some food and to get out for a quick walk. Fresh air makes such a difference to our mood and can help give some much needed time to think.

Drink water

I know. Everyone says to do it but try to make a conscious effort to start the day with a glass of water as soon as you wake up and continue as the day goes on to regularly drink water. There are plenty of phone apps to remind you that its time to drink water.

Put down your phone

We get it, everything is on your phone these days but its often a distraction more than a help. Try turning off notifications for certain apps, or putting app controls to limit time spent in certain ones. Once we start to re-invest that time we would have spent on our phone in other things we see new opportunities grow instead of endlessly scrolling.

Practice mindfulness

This is so important and something I have only just started getting into. I can recommend the Headspace app as being perfect for beginners and others a like. You get a 7 day free trial and can decide after that if its for you. I would recommend the daily meditations as a great place to start and to take 10–15 mins out at the start of each day.

So try to give all, or if not some, of the above a try. It might surprise you what a difference can come from just doing one of these things.

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