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Tel Aviv Travel Tips & Guide

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Tel Aviv is my favourite country and it has a wonderful climate & weather. Tel Aviv is a vibrant seaside city, Jerusalem is a historic city with many stories and beautiful nature. Here are the travel tips and guide for you when you travel to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, Israel is a vibrant city and if the sky is so blue!

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city with a beach, boardwalk, nice restaurants, bars and markets that you can visit. Tel Aviv is a city where I felt right at home and I could imagine myself living there. The atmosphere is very relaxed.

This is the delicious hummus! A local dish that you should try when you visit Tel Aviv.

If you visit Tel Aviv, do visit the Sarona Market and try some Halva. Halva is like a sweet crushed sesame seed snack or dessert that comes in a whole variety of flavours. The Halva that I tried is made with sesame seed.

Next, is Jaffa. Jaffa is the setting for the biblical stories of King Solomon and Saint Peter as well as the Greek mythology of Perseus and Andromeda.

Jaffa’s heritage has varied over many years and a more prominent in recent times is the Arab heritage) and is still to date one of the most popular spots to visit in Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you are planning to travel around the city on your own, I recommend renting a car in Tel Aviv. This is because it is very easy to drive around Tel Aviv and all the expressways have English signs. I highly suggest to do a road trip when you travel in a group of four.

if you are visiting Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, I don't think you need to rent a car. This is because parking is beyond difficult in the cities and you do not need a car within the city. Moreover, if you are visiting Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, public transportation between the two is easy which is a bus and train station. I would say public transportation is pretty accessible in these cities.

If you are renting a car in Israel, do look out Eldan Car Rental, they are the reliable rental car company in Israel. I have personally rented with them. On top of that, you can check out Hertz, and Budget in Israel.

Israel is HOT in the summer and pretty mild in the winter

If Tel Aviv is on your bucket list after COVID-19, do prepare sunscreen when you travel to Israel because it is a desert place HAHAHA. My favorite sunscreen brand is Sunbum stick which I bring it everywhere. It’s solid so great for flying and is tiny and can fit in any small bag.

Mineral water is also a must as there is a lot of walking around and long hikes to do in both the North and the South of Israel. So do prepare mineral water for your day trip to stay hydrated during the hot season.

By the way, if you are coming to Israel for a longer trip like 1 month, do stay in different places every, or every other, night. This is an opportunity for you to get to know and making new friends.

If you are not here to visit the history and understand Israel and just want to have a chill vacation either just laying on the beach in Tel Aviv or hopping between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, there are ways to lower your Israel trip cost and keeping your Israel travel budget down.

Affordable Accommodations: The hostel and backpacker community is thriving in Israel. There are a ton of options to choose from. I strongly suggest booking your stays in Abraham Hostels in both cities. Based on my experience, Abraham Hostel is pretty affordable and safe for the backpacker community.

Foodie: Street food is pretty insane in Tel Aviv and beyond my recommendations. The absolute best food in the city cost less than USD$10 and you can easily have it – and its different options – for every meal.

In Jerusalem, there are also a ton of free tourist spots such as the Kotel, Ben Yehuda, Mahane Yehuda market – but I do recommend paying for tours of Yad Vashem, underground Kotel tunnels, and more based on your interests.

Summers in Israel are exceptionally, uncomfortably hot and hotter than in Asia such as Singapore. It is also peak season where you can see many people are visiting Tel Aviv. If you are planning to visit Tel Aviv, Israel, do visit in May, June, or October, November as this is the best timing and weather in Tel Aviv and the best time to visit Israel.

Bathing in the Dead Sea is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss out on! It’s so strange to float on the sea. For your information, you can take the bus from Jerusalem to there. However, bear in mind that if you go in the water from a public sight there won’t be any showers to wash off the salt of your body.


If you are planning your bucket list, will you consider Israel?

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