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The Rising of HealthTech Startup - Jebhealth

Updated: Apr 13

Jebhealth, a Singapore-based Health Technology (HealthTech) startup has launched the first in Asia – HealthCerts, a digital HealthCerts that verify COVID-19 test results, compliant with Safe Travel’s requirements due to the global pandemic- COVID-19 outbreak.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, travellers are required to submit their PCR test before departure and upon arrival, they are required to do the PCR test as well. Clinics administering the pre-departure test may issue digital COVID-19 test result certificates using Jebhealth with the HealthCerts standard. This provides travellers with verifiable digital travel credentials based on Singapore’s HealthCert schema and standards for a smoother travel/immigration clearance process.

Jebhealth’s HealthCerts is designed Cyber Secure Access and File Encryption (CyberSAFE) measures. This would beneficial for all travellers when they travel and present a verification COVID-19 status before their departures.

By using this HealthCerts, travellers can cut down their cost up to 60% lower than other providers with no hidden fees and compliance with Healthcare Service Act Singapore (HCSA), Personal Data Protection Act 2012 Singapore (PDPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. In additional Jebhealth HealthCerts is encrypted and enhanced with 256-encryption, digital health control measures and backed by cyber insurance. Organizations, corporate or clinics that would like to integrate this service, you can sign up for the pay-as-you-go plan with a min S$7 per HealthCerts. For more information, find out here.

About Jebhealth

Jebhealth began with one mission – to empower the delivery of important medical services to the community through innovation. Disheartened by the lagging adoption of technology in the healthcare sector, which has led to significant inefficiencies and rising costs, Mr Jimmy Boey, Founder & CEO of Jebhealth left a successful career with a leading, global pharmaceutical company to pursue his goal of solving this problem.

Having personally witnessed how unnecessary lead-times in healthcare have rendered treatments ineffective for patients, especially when it came to diagnosing diseases, Jimmy sought to leverage digital technologies to create a solution that could provide rapid access to early detection and quality preventive care at affordable rates.

Working at the intersection between healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, Jimmy gathered a team of equally passionate individuals and used the remainder of his life savings to develop and launch Jebhealth on World Doctor’s Day – a digital platform that connects users to an extensive and curated medical and wellness network in Asia.

Since its creation in 2016, Jebhealth now houses a network of about 10,000 doctors and therapists, providing high-value preventive care services to users including comprehensive health check-ups, preventive dental treatment, physiotherapy, family and specialist care services, as well as medical and dental aesthetics and online marketplaces such as Health Screening, Dental Services and Vaccination.

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