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Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Review

Updated: Mar 25

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is a luxury hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort just outside Tokyo, Japan Disneyland. TheHoursTime will review the hotel, from guest rooms, food, interior design, in general, location and worth for money or not.

The moment you step into this victorian theme, luxurious style and just a short walk from the most popular Tokyo Disneyland theme park in the world, this is the Tokyo Disneyland hotel. At Tokyo Disney Resort, it’s often overshadowed by Hotel MiraCosta, which is actually located inside Tokyo DisneySea. The rooms in Tokyo Disneyland Hotel starting from USD$300+ per night and can go up to USD800+ per night depending on the room view, season, and a number of guests. For a full range of price, please visit Tokyo Disneyland Hotel website.

Our room is located farther back from the Disney Park than Hotel MiraCosta, and because the roofed World Bazaar is fairly tall, many rooms are facing the park which offers little in terms of view. So, do make sure you book the room with a nice view.

I personally find that room views will be the biggest consideration for those wanted to stay in hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort, and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel simply isn’t as consistently good as Hotel MiraCosta in this regard. However, if you want to book the hotel room with great views, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is definitely an option for you. If you are looking for a budget accomodation at Tokyo Disney Resort, there are a few monorail loop hotels offering excellent views at a fraction of the cost of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

At night, Tokyo Disney Hotel lights up everywhere.

In my opinion, it can be difficult to book a hotel room at Tokyo Disney Hotel. If you are planning to stay at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, you need to book online as soon as your booking window opens. The Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation Center will accept reservations starting at 9:00 a.m. (JST) 6 months before you arrive.

Here's the deluxe room of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

If you book your room via Online Reservation Center, you are able to book dining reservations as well. This is an important amenity for those who don’t live in Japan, as many of these restaurants book quickly, and during the busier seasons, you won’t be able to get same-day priority seating.

As I mentioned earlier, the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has a Victorian theme that’s somewhat of an extension of World Bazaar (except arguably better-done).

There are a few restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel: Dreamers Lounge (bar/restaurant), Sherwood Garden Restaurant (buffet), and Canna (fine dining).

Each day of your stay, you can access either park 15 minutes early, called the “Happy 15.” This is a significant perk.

Other benefits included complimentary monorail passes, special park hopper tickets hotel guests can purchase but I don't recommend them. The baggage storage on the check-in and check-out days, baggage transfer to and from the JR Station.

There is also complimentary baggage transfer among the 3 Disney hotels, making a split stay (if you’re considering Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, we highly recommend Hotel MiraCosta, too) very easy. Unlike Hotel MiraCosta, there’s no charge for the pool but it’s only open in the summer.

The bathroom is pretty standard and there's a bathtub.


Does Tokyo Disneyland Hotel appeal to you?

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