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Tom Ford Perfume Reviews

Updated: Apr 13

Most of the designer labels like Louis Vuitton, Celine or Christian Dior promotes one or two iconic fragrance but for Tom Ford, it has more than 5 iconic fragrance and perfume that you should own. Today, we are going to share with you the Best 5 Tom Ford Perfume reviews.

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous is a leather fragrance for both women and men. Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous was launched in 2017. Top notes are Clary Sage and Lavender; middle notes are Bitter Almond, Leather, Vanilla and Orris; base notes are Leather, Tonka Bean, Cashmeran, White Woods and Amber. Tom Ford's Fucking Fabulous is certainly fabulous. The composition is very smooth and pleasant. This is definitely a fragrance you wear for yourself, not for other people. You may get a few compliments, but I don't feel that's the point here.

Tom Ford Perfume Reviews

This will please you. It will surround you in a slightly flowery, slightly sweet-from-the-vanilla and leathery cocoon that will have you taking in deep breaths all day. Despite that, this perfume definitely leans more towards the masculine.

The performance is great. Longevity is 10+ hours without being cloying. The projection is moderate as well as the sillage. Anything that comes into contact with your spray points will carry a faint Fucking Fabulous scent, so scarf lovers, this is for you. This is definitely an early morning scent as well as better in cooler temperatures. The price is on the higher side, but if you love yourself - treat yourself better.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood is an Oriental Woody fragrance for both women and men. Oud Wood was launched in 2007. The nose behind this fragrance is Richard Herpin. Top notes are exotic rosewood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean and amber.

Tom Ford Perfume Reviews

I love scents like these that make me feel absolutely crazy for not getting it. Tom Ford Oud Wood is a prime example. Here's what I smell. The opening: It smells like opening a new bottle of a stinky vitamin. There's no other scent on earth that smells like a pungent bottle of stinky vitamins you're going to loathe taking every morning.

MId: Vitamin still coming through strong, but now it's shifted into a weird rubber scent. Like a tire. Full dry down: Kind of like opening a new action figure from the '80s. A pulsing plastic, PVC, or rubber smell. Like a sickly sweetness and dampness too. The only bad part of this perfume is longevity. Only 4-5 hours on my skin.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Tom Ford Black Orchid was launched in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Givaudan. Top notes are Truffle, Gardenia, Black Currant, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange and Amalfi Lemon; middle notes are Orchid, Spices, Gardenia, Fruity Notes, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Lotus; base notes are Mexican chocolate, Patchouli, Vanille, Incense, Amber, Sandalwood, Vetiver and White Musk.

Tom Ford Perfume Reviews

Originally, this perfume was marketed towards women, and I can initially see why this was the case. The scent from the atomiser and hence the opening for me personally leans a little too feminine, a powdery, musky smell that reminds me of an older ladies perfume. However, this is far from a linear composition. When you actually spray the perfume and let the mids show through; a spicy, fruity smokiness draws the attention. This for me can certainly be pulled off by a confident man. Then, as it dries down it transforms into a powerfully earthy, sweet, gourmand fragrance. In my opinion, whether worn by a man or a woman, this fragrance has the ability to complement the characteristics of both genders: sweet and floral for a woman but earthy and spicy for a man. A simply fantastic creation.

As with most Tom Ford, this fragrance is ridiculously potent and can end up wearing you’, so I would limit it to only a couple of sprays. Also, this is the kind of fragrance I would reserve for dressed-up situations in colder weather, a night out clubbing or dinner and drinks.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Tom Ford Lost Cheery is an Oriental Floral fragrance for both women and men. Tom Ford Lost Cherry was launched in 2018. Top notes are Sour Cherry, Bitter Almond and Liquor; middle notes are Sour Cherry, Plum, Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac; base notes are Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Cedar, Cloves, Vetiver and Patchouli.

Tom Ford Perfume Reviews

This Tom Ford fragrance is one you should put on about an hour before you go out. Its first notes of artificial cherry candy sweetness aren't unpleasant, but they last a while and are not the best part of this scent. Hours later, it calms to a boozy, marzipan tartness that floats around you like a sinful dessert made with cherry liqueur. It lingers for hours, sillage is amazing, but the price tag is costly.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for both women and men. Neroli Portofino was launched in 2011. Top notes are Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Bitter Orange, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary and Myrtle; middle notes are African orange flower, Neroli, Jasmine and Pittosporum; base notes are Amber, Angelica and Ambrette (Musk Mallow).

Very clean smelling and makes me happy. It smells, in my opinion, similar to Mugler Mugler cologne but to the next level. Like the Mugler cologne was fresher and even cleaner then it smells. Also reminds me of Jean Nate body splash my mom used to put on after a shower lol. Not a bad thing but just what it reminds me of. Good for the summer or daytime but is so clean smelling and light that you can pretty much wear it whenever.

Tom Ford Perfume Reviews

The smell lasted but does not project much even after a few minutes of putting it on. I think this fragrance is not meant to be big on projection and is a subtle fragrance. Expensive but it is a nice scent and if it makes you happy to purchase it, I don’t regret it at all. The longetivity is quite short last less than 5 hours.


Overall, Tom Ford fragrance is really costly and expensive because it sells 50ml per bottle for the price of $200 and above. If you like the scent, will you buy it?

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